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Welcome to Angelic Complementary Therapies October 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to my October newsletter and I hope you all had a lovely month of September. Well, what a month – we have a new Prime Minister, a new Monarch and still much uncertainty on the horizon. I did watch a lot of our late Queen Elizabeth’s funeral on TV, it really was one of those occasions where everything went so well, including the weather. An end of an era and may she rest in peace.

During September I was fortunate to spend time at one of my favourite places – Wellness by the Lakes near Dorchester, Dorset. Four days of peace, tranquillity and calm. A chance to recharge and try various workshops – from sound baths to every type of yoga you could possibly imagine. There were inspirational talks and guided mediations every day, sumptuous ‘healthy’ foods and all set in the beautiful setting of Sculpture by the Lakes. It was wonderful. One workshop I attended was Purer Living (tidy your home, cleanse your mind). Anyone that knows me well knows I need to live in a tidy home, when things start to get untidy it almost feels like my head is spinning. IF I lived on my own, this would be simple, but living with three other people and two of them being teenage boys it’s not an easy task.

One of my son’s is currently making three mini films for his A’ levels and I almost start to hyperventilate when he takes over the living areas with props and scripts etc. He said this is what life is like living with a film student, I gently reminded him I too was an art student once but respected I was part of a family. Anyhow, I digress. The workshop was based on the Marie Kondo method. It instils living with things that spark joy. It’s not necessarily about decluttering, but having things around you that fill your heart with joy. My poor family were pretty much quaking in their boots as I work through this process, but they are now seeing the benefits and it’s brilliant! They are finding a new respect for living as part of a family. What they do in their own rooms is totally up to them, but I can already see the positive rippling effect it’s having.

Here are some pictures from my time spent at Wellness by the Lakes.

I’ve been going through lots of old family photos and found this one of me when I was 5 years old – I should have known then what my vocation would be.

Quote for the moment

“Time spent in Nature heals your Body, Mind & Spirit.”

Crystal/Stone of the month – Green Fluorite

I was fortunate to buy this beautiful piece at the Wellness retreat. It is wonderful crystal for mental enhancement, clarity and organisation. It improves decision making and clears the energy field. Whether it’s green fluorite or traditional fluorite (has more purple running through it) it’s a wonderful piece to add to any crystal collection.

Angel card

I hope with all my heart that the month of October brings peace, cosy evenings in and contentment to our lives – don’t forget the clocks change on the 30th. Be present and as I always say, be kind to all, but mostly yourself and I look forward to seeing you soon, with love and light.

Kate x ^i^ x

Kate Palmer-Marshallsay MAR BA (Hons)

Complementary Therapist

Angelic Complementary Therapies


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