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The five Reiki principles


  • Just for today - do not anger
  • Just for today - do not worry
  • Be humble
  • Be honest in your dealings with people
  • Be compassionate towards yourself and others


What is Reiki?

“Reiki” (ray-key) is Japanese for ‘universal life energy.’


Reiki is a therapy that anyone of any age can enjoy at any time of life. Reiki can be given independently or alongside other conventional or complementary treatments.


We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of well-being. As a Reiki practitioner, I channel the energy, which lies around us. It is a completely safe and natural method of healing which can help the body emotionally or spiritually and is open to any belief.



What is involved in receiving a Reiki treatment?

As with all therapies, a consultation will precede the treatment. This will clarify if you are suitable for treatment and an opportunity to discuss what the expectations may be. All information shared is confidential.


Reiki is given with you either laying on a therapy couch, sitting in a chair or standing – comfort is essential. The client remains fully clothed (with the exception of shoes) and I place my hands on or near your body in a series of hand positions. These include positions around the head and shoulders, the stomach, and feet. Other, more specific positions may be used based on the clients needs. Each position is held for three to ten minutes depending on how much Reiki you need at each position. There is no massage or manipulation involved. Each treatment usually lasts one hour.


What do Reiki treatments feel like?

Sensations vary from person to person. Some may feel a tingling or heat or see colours and images, some may experience a more emotional effect. However, a feeling of deep relaxation is felt by all. The benefits of Reiki include a sense of deep relaxation, which promotes a sense of calm and well-being on all levels – with a feeling of a more positive and balanced outlook.  


What can a Reiki treatment do?

Reiki not only complements other therapies but also actively increases the amount of healing power normally available, especially for treatments such as reflexology and aromatherapy.


Reiki is a safe and soothing treatment, which has a positive affect on many forms of illness and negative conditions. This includes minor things like head or stomach aches, bee stings, colds, flu, tension and anxiety as well as serious illness like heart disease or cancer. The side effects of regular medical treatments are often reduced or eliminated. This includes the negative effects of chemotherapy, postoperative pain and depression as well as helping to improve the healing rate and reducing the time needed to stay in the hospital.


Reiki may help to:

  • Relieve pain (physical and emotional)

  • Accelerate natural healing

  • Aid the detoxification process of the body

  • Induce a deep sense of relaxation

  • Calm the mind, body and spirit, restoring a feeling of peace

  • Dissolve energy blockages within the body

  • Generally improve health and well-being

  • Release stored emotions

  • Re-balance and amplify the body’s energy

  • Release tension and negative stress

  • Focus the mind helping to negate confusion and help solve problems


How much Reiki would I need?

This is dependent on individual needs. A single session can make a difference, however a course of regular treatments may be more effective. We can discuss a treatment plan, which can be reviewed as necessary.


It is important to remember that Reiki practitioners are not trained in diagnosis and will not predict any specific outcome from treatment. If people are concerned about their symptoms they should see a doctor.

The history of Reiki

Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century and evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication. Reiki masters who have trained in the tradition teach the practice. This tradition is then passed on in person from master to student. The Usui system of Reiki is a very simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received.

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