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About me

Hello, I'm Kate Palmer-Marshallsay. I had a fantastic career, pre-children, which I loved. It was hard work, long hours yet plenty of satisfaction. So, how did I discover complementary therapies, which then lead me to become a complementary therapist?

In 2004 I was presented with, for me, a life threatening illness. I needed my family and friends like I’d never needed them before. Naturally I received help from medical professionals ­– without their help, I may not be here today. After a few years the illness returned with a vengeance. Again, I took medication and thankfully my health improved. The medication certainly fixed the ailment, but it wasn’t enough to help my mind, body and soul. On the inside, I was broken and out of balance. I was functioning but not living, and if possible I wanted to prevent the illness returning. I was young and had a young family that depended on me. I had to be well. I wanted to live, and live as well as I could.

I was lucky, I had a wonderful doctor who I could share my thoughts and feelings with and knew he wouldn’t pressure me to take medication I didn’t necessarily need. It was him who suggested I look at alternative therapies that would complement the medication I was taking and alleviate the side effects this gave.


The first complementary therapy I discovered was Reiki and I was amazed by the results it brought me - it was almost like magic. My health improved, and for the first time in years I was living. Through having the treatment, I discovered I too could be attuned and give myself Reiki. Little did I know at the time but this was the first step to understanding the benefit of how holistic or complementary healing works and how I could then give the healing to others.

Living in today’s busy and fast paced world, we find we often push our bodies to the limit and only respond when something isn’t moving or working as it should be. People are living longer today than they ever were, due to many reasons including better living conditions, better earning potential and of course great medical advances. Our body, although an amazing machine, needs to be treated with respect and care. We often take our health for granted and only begin to appreciate its vulnerability when ‘it’ lets us down – where as in fact, we’ve often let ourselves down when we have not cared for it appropriately. As a complementary therapist, I recognise that our pains or discomforts are the symptoms of an imbalance within our body. These imbalances may be due to many reasons – poor diet, lack of exercise, too little sleep, stress, emotional issues or addictions.


We can eat and drink sensibly, we can exercise also, but even with the best intentions, sometimes life just gets too much, things wear out and stress levels rise. We currently live in a very materialistic throw away culture. Many people are driven with the need to always want more; just that little bit more – yet it’s a want, not a need. Where as in fact all our bodies need is a well-balanced healthy lifestyle, safe and clean living, a variable healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Speaking from personal experience, I see life as a gift, one that is sometimes taken for granted. Life is not just about being wealthy, popular, highly educated or being perfect, it is also about being content, being humble and being kind. Complementary therapy is not intended to serve as a one-time fix. It is an ongoing journey of discovery in finding answers to ultimately live better and be healthier.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day we may look back and realise they were the big things.

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