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Welcome to Angelic Complementary Therapies June 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to my June newsletter. I hope you all had a lovely month of May – mine was certainly busy.

I gave a presentation to fellow reflexologist on using crystals with reflexology, I believe everyone really enjoyed it (or at least that’s what they said) and took something from the presentation. I visited Kew gardens, in memory of my mum on what would have been her 83rd birthday, and had a very special day. I spent a couple of days in Bournemouth (so lovely to be back in Dorset, where my heart resides) and recently visited a Vincent van Gogh exhibition in London (my favourite artist). I’ve also been writing and studying – watch this space. With all that’s been happening this year I’ve realised life/work balance is vital. Everyone knows I love my ‘work’ (I don’t like to call it work because it’s really not a chore, I love it) but it is important to make time for yourself and live life – or before you know it another week, month or year has passed relatively unnoticed.

This month we are stepping into summer – June. Is there anything you are planning on doing for yourself? Maybe spend a moment or two to plan something in your diary that is solely for you – even if it’s something as simple as an early night and a good book. Plan it. Commit to it. I guarantee you’ll feel all the better for it – and above all don’t feel guilty for having ‘me’ time.

Last month I wrote about being kind, this also applies to being kind to yourself. This month I’d like to share the Angelic Reiki Principles.

Today I live in peace

Today I live in gratitude

Today I live in harmony

Today I live in truth

Today I live in compassion

Today I live in love

Quote for the moment

“You can do what you think you can do and you cannot do what you think you cannot do.”

Ben Stein

Gratitude – The human body

The human body is amazing. How heart beats and lungs breathe without thought. How our vocal cords allow us to talk to one another. How our legs move when needed. Our opposable thumbs. What do you love that your body can do? What are you grateful for?

Angel card

Perfect Timing

“Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations. The doors are open, while you walk through them with us by your side. Don’t delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome.”

I hope with all my heart that the month of June brings peace and warmth to our lives. Enjoy the long Bank Holiday and Platinum Jubilee weekend (I will particularly enjoy watching Duran Duran play at the concert for the Queen) and as I always say, be kind to all, but mostly yourself and I look forward to seeing you soon, with love and light.

Kate x ^i^ x

Kate Palmer-Marshallsay MAR BA (Hons)

Complementary Therapist

Angelic Complementary Therapies


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