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Welcome to Angelic Complementary Therapies April 2022 Newsletter

Yay, spring is definitely in the air! Ok, so the weather is a little cooler than last week, it even snowed whilst I was out walking this morning, but I’m positive the warmth will be returning soon. I love all the seasons, each bringing their own gems to the table, but I think spring is possibly my favourite. I love seeing the leaves starting to bud and open on the trees. Flower bulbs bringing vibrant colour to nature and of course, the squawk of tiny baby birds impatiently beckoning their parents to feed them, now! A time of new beginnings and optimism.

I remind myself, and feel it’s something I’d like to share with you, to remain positive even through the difficult and challenging times. Believe in what you are manifesting and keep your intentions clear. Be positive. Every day, every moment is a time for new beginnings – make them positive.

Last month I was fortunate to attend the incredible “Foot Reading” course with the very gifted and talented Sam Belyea. It was a very intense two day course in a beautiful part of London but wow, the information I learnt blew my mind! It was eye opening and it’s certainly something I intend to offer in the near future. Those who see me for reflexology know I LOVE the therapy and I’m deeply passionate about it. I love the fact the feet tell you so much about the physical body (they do not lie) but foot reading takes it to another level and guides you to discover more about the person - past and present, holistically and emotionally. Fascinating!! It honestly blew my mind away!!

Price increase

Something I really wanted to avoid due to everything going up… but I’m going to need to increase my prices. I have always wanted to ensure the treatments I give are affordable to everyone – giving the very best for a very reasonable and affordable price. Recently, I met with my local reflexologist group and discovered my prices are lower than average and they recommended increasing my prices, even putting inflation aside.

I have treated many fellow therapist and they all say what I offer is unique and amazing – even to the point where they have never received a treatment like it (and in a very good way). Since then, I have researched local reflexologists, reiki practitioners/masters and angelic practitioners/masters and their prices range from £50-£85 and many do not have the qualifications or the experience I possess. As of the 1st July, prices will increase by £5 for current clients (making the treatment still exceptional value). Prices for new clients will be on my website.

I hope you understand my reasoning.

Quote for the moment

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius

A true story

I was recently sharing this story with fellow volunteers at the hospice where I volunteer and I feel compelled to share it with you – it’s to do with acceptance.

Almost four years ago I gave my mum an opalite crystal angel when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She treasured it and always kept it close by. Mum used to ask me questions about the angels and my work and was always fascinated with things I told her - especially when I felt her mum nearby and low and behold there was always a white feather.

When mum passed, I was sorting through various items and there was the crystal angel I had given her on her bedside table. Tears came to my eyes, but I smiled knowing it had brought her comfort and put it safely on the bed thinking I’ll take it home and treasure it. A little time passed and as I was going to leave mums flat I went to collect the angel, but it had gone. Literally disappeared. I looked on the floor, under the bed, again and again going over the same ground even looking in places I knew it couldn’t possibly be – but it had gone. I could have been sad, but instead I accepted it and I knew the crystal angel had served its purpose. It had been with mum when she needed it, but it was now no longer needed.


Find your happy. Write a list of things that you enjoy doing most. It might include – yoga, watching a film/binge watching the latest Netflix blockbuster, reading, walking, spending time with a friend or a loved one, listening to music… Whatever your list looks like, think of the joy that each of these bring to you and make it your mission to do as many as possible this month. Grab your diary and start planning some positivity into your life today.

Angel card


“This situation can be healed gently and with love, yet there’s also a need for your strength and truthfulness with the other people involved. We will stand right behind you as you speak your truth, giving you strength and guiding your word.”

I hope with all my heart that April brings peace and warmth to our lives and have a wonderful Easter – my boys are now on Easter holidays, which translate as PJ days for two weeks. As I always say, be kind to all, but mostly yourself and I look forward to seeing you soon, with love and light.

Kate x ^i^ x

Kate Palmer-Marshallsay MAR BA (Hons)

Complementary Therapist

Angelic Complementary Therapies


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