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Every now and then it’s important to step away and find time to reenergise for our own wellbeing. All too often we give so much of ourselves to others that we often run the risk of not giving to ourselves. I’m currently on my summer holiday, reenergising and spending time with my family – my husband and two young sons.

Our holiday started by visiting and spending time in York and Edinburgh. The cities were beautiful, busy and fast-paced but I also found them draining, demanding and noisy. My energy consumed by the ever increasing etheric energy field of the pulsating city. I was in desperate need for space, or “air” as I call it.

With every increasing mile away from Edinburgh towards the highlands of Scotland, the tension of the cities fell away from me. Those who know me know I don’t crave the busy highlife, I enjoy simplicity, with modern day conveniences (I worked out the other day that I’ve spent well over a year of my lifetime camping, and don’t feel the need to increase that any time soon!!).

Eventually we reached our destination – my new haven. Set in acres of woodland, approximately three miles from Loch Ness, sits a beautifully maintained and well-loved chalet, with all the modern conveniences to suit myself and my family – they had Wi-Fi, I had “air.”

My holiday had started.

Immediately I felt a new wave of energy as I took in my surroundings. Bliss fell upon my ears as only sounds of nature bestowed them. My eyes absorbed the stunning and naturally illuminating shades of green. And my lungs inhaled what I’d been craving – air. Air that was crisp, fresh and so refreshingly clean.

As I write this, I’ve only been here a day and already I feel re-energised. I woke after an incredible night’s sleep to practice yoga and Reiki on the balcony of the chalet, the only company being that of the local wildlife. After a hearty and nutritious breakfast my family and myself visited Loch Ness to ‘find’ the monster, as to my younger son’s request. Later we walked to a local potters and enjoyed homemade whiskey and pineapple cake with tea served in handmade teapots. All very inexpensive but priceless in memory.

So why am I writing this… it’s to say we all need to take time out to do whatever it is we need to do. And I say need not want. Take time to feed our soul and rebalance. For some it may be reading, playing an instrument, meditating or having a treatment. For me, I love to spend time in forests and woods – it’s set deep in my soul.

Whilst doing a consultation I ask my clients, “What do you do in your spare time that is for you and only you?” And I’d like you to ask yourself this question now. Take some time to reflect on what you experience. Remember, this is something that is totally for you and no one else, and please don’t feel guilty for loving and nurturing your soul. Listen to what makes your heart sing, what gives you bubbles of excitement in your stomach. Fit time into your week where you unashamedly love your soul. You’ll feel the benefits, trust me.

Love, Light and Angel Blessings, Kate

Kate Palmer-Marshallsay

Angelic Complementary Therapies

Call: 07810 722474



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