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Angel Light Therapy
What is Angel Light Therapy?


I have always been a sensitive soul, able to feel individual energies of people and Spirit. From a young age I was aware of angels being present in my life and if I needed help or support, I used to ask for guidance. The angels always answered my request, be it through dreams or signs. At the time, I didn’t realise I was in the early stages of learning my own Angel language. My thirst for knowledge grew as I began to learn complementary therapies. Synchronicity brought many people, practitioners and likeminded people into my life, and every time there was a common link - the Angelic Realms.


Angel Light Therapy is non-denominational spiritual healing therapy that involves working with a person’s guardian angels, angels and archangels to heal and balance their life. An Angelic Light Therapy Practitioner, like myself, link in to the energy of angels, archangels, guardian angels, spirit guides and ascended masters.


Angel Light Therapy includes:


Etheric Cord Cutting

Everyone creates etheric (energy) cords between one another, it’s a completely natural way that we send and receive psychic energy. This is perfectly normal and is generally not a cause for any concern. However, there may be times when we want to let go of someone, but the cords are continuing to hold us back. The etheric cords can become heavy, twisted and simply ‘unhealthy.’


If anyone forms a fear-based attachment to you, for example being afraid that you may leave, or believe you are their source to happiness, an unhealthy etheric cord is constructed between you both. The cord is visible to anyone who is clairvoyant and palpable to anyone who is intuitive.


When a needy person has formed an attachment to you, that person sucks your energy from you. You may not see it, but you may perceive its affect, for example feel tired, sad, emotional or lethargic. The other person will also be sending you toxic energy through the cord. This is when it is recommended to cut the etheric cords.


When the cords are cut, it does not mean you are rejecting them; you are simply severing the dysfunctional, fearful, co-dependent area of the relationship. The loving part remains attached.


Here is a list of symptoms of unhealthy etheric cords:

  • Arguments or conversations in your mind with a person

  • Not able to move on from the past with a lack of enthusiasm for the present

  • Obsessing about a person, or over thinking about them

  • Temptation to go back to a relationship that no longer serves you a positive purpose

  • Feelings of sadness, anger and depression regarding the past

  • A feeling of wanting revenge




When we massage or treat someone who is in emotional pain, or if we worry about someone and blame ourselves for their misery, we may take on the other persons negative psychic energy. Vacuuming is releasing stagnant energy within the body and aura, and healing with pure beautiful Angelic energy. This works in beautiful harmony with etheric cord cutting.

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