Angel Art
What is Angel Art?


Art has always been a big part of my life, enjoying the freedom of expression. I also love being able to share this enjoyment and guide people to find their own freedom of expression. Being creative is not a hobby; it’s a way of life. A way of expressing your vision in all that you do and never squelching that. Live creatively!


When I was taught to paint, I was encouraged to look deeper, to see the beauty within and not take things at face value. Through studying and practise I found my niche, which is a form of expressive art. I paint the feelings, the rhythms, and the depths - the core.


It is a known fact that creativity is good for the soul. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys whiling away hours crafting, cooking, writing, making music, letting your imagination run wild, then you’ll know this to be true.


Angel Art is connecting with the angels, where you will receive inspiration to create a personal and beautiful painting to treasure. Be open to all possibilities, noticing ideas without censoring them or worrying whether they are feasible. Don’t just think outside the box… think like there IS no box! All materials are supplied.


Creativity always begins with your present feelings. A block for creative expression is the fear of publicly revealing your vulnerable feelings. It takes courage to be creative. Stop thinking with your mind, feel with your heart, your soul.


I love something that Vincent Van Gogh wrote in a letter to his brother, Theo,
“If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
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